A Lifetime Fighter


At one time, we had a small talk about our future profession. We told from each perspectives over some issues. 

And in the end, I really feel such a great blessing to have my family beside me who never stop to support. Even I (almost) always put them as the second, third, or uncountable priority against my workloads at hospital. They know I’m busy…and they trust me into giving spaces as much as I needed.

That’s why I never stop loving them, in my own way.

And by the way, I miss this guy. Like, a lot.


For good or bad, INTJs are nearly impossible to read. Most people are vaguely confused by us. Often times we’re considered strange. It’s just the way we are.

A Knight in Shining Armor

I’d like to officially anounce that my Daddy-bear is truly a Knight in Shining Armor.

Well, not literally.

But he is there. Always there.

Even when I went sickly sick, almost fainted and vomit in my bedroom alone after a week being in duty at out-of-town hospital, I decided to call him. Call for help. 

God I was such an inconsiderate woman.

I was forced to did it because the last thing I wanted the most were fainting…and vomitting. 

I truly despise those stuff. Ugh.

An hour later, when I lied on my bed, someone knocked my door.

He was there. Like an angel, came with some food and drugs (bought by my mom). He looked so worried, hugged me immediately. I was so shocked, perhaps because my parents knew, I’m not a type of person who called for help easily.

Instead, when I did call, it means I really was in a really bad shape.

After eating the food and talked with him, miraculously, I got better in minutes. I went downstairs, sent him off to work, then went back to check on the patients again continuing my duty.

Love you, Dad.

You’re one of the reasons I stayed sane and strong.

Jika kamu berpikir tujuanmu sangat jauh, kamu akan menempuh jalan yang panjang untuk mencapainya.

Pernahkah kamu berpikir, bahwa hidup bukanlah sebuah perjalanan?

Semua tujuan sudah ada dalam diri kita. Yang perlu kita lakukan adalah merasakannya, menjadikannya sebuah pengalaman. 

Koma - Rachmania A.

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